Name: Kinga Kohánszky
Date of birth:
Institute of Applied Arts - Sopron, graphical studies

Even as a little girl, I was amazed by the world of drawing.
I grew up in Balatonfüred, a little town at the coast of Lake Balaton. I walked a lot with my family on the coast, where many graphic artists used to draw portraits and caricatures for turists every spring and summer.

I could stand by their side for hours to see them drawing the portrait of the person sitting in front of them, and finally the blank paper turned into a beautiful drawing... just as magic.

That time, when I arrived home, I took a pencil and a paper, and sat down to draw my own portraits from members of my family.

I have always loved drawing - pencil and paper were my best friends almost until I went to secondary school. At secondary school I moved away from the world of arts and became interested in turism. But actually this recrudescence lasted for a few years, and it turned out soon, that drawing is what I really am, what I would like to do for a lifetime.

In this way I became a graphic artist finally.
I worked at a graphic company for 2 years, in my freetime I illustrated books for children. After that I became a "freelancer", now my husband and I have a small graphic studio.

  • Csillogó Pelyhek (october, 2007. TTK - Tóth Könyvkiadó)
  • Édes Angyalom (november, 2007. Kiara Kiadó)
  • Óvodások ballagási emlékkönyve (in preparation, TTK - Tóth Könyvkiadó)
  • Hurrá! Itt a tél! (in preparation, Santos Kiadó)
  • Mit hozott a Mikulás? (in preparation, Santos Kiadó)

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