Félelmem tükre / Mirror of fears (self portrait)

Oil on canvas,
30×40 cm

3 megjegyzés:

Unknown írta...

This is a lovely portrait but leads me to ask if you are alright?

Kiko írta...

Thank you Sue, I'm fine now. Really.
I had a very serious, life-threatening disease about 5 years ago. It was a stroke but fortunately and with a bit miracle the doctors could save my life and by now everything is alright with me. This self-portrait was inspired by this illness and to tell the truth I think it was a part of the self-therapy to get through this fear...I tried to paint my feelings about this illness and this process maybe helped me a bit to let my fears go. But I'm okay by now.

superhappyjohi írta...

Csodás festmény! <3

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